Personal Level Bullshit (Life & Death)

It’s been a real long time since I’ve written anything on my Blog, I think now is the perfect time to come forward with an update. It may have taken me 2 years to finally update my fans, my supporters, and mostly the WordPress Community. But this is a heavy subject that I wish to share an opinion on. It is the inevitable Life & Death, it’s starting to become a wild theme that loops round my mind like an insane cycle that never stops turning (just like our planet Earth) So, here is what I am going to share with you all today:

Death (Personal Level Bullshit)

It’s nothing new, it’s nothing old, and it’s something that we unfortunately have to live with. But when it comes to a person of interest, someone who is at a higher standard than the average human being; it causes tension, and my ranting starts to unfold rather quickly due to the anger I have towards people of multiple generations, including my own. To start off with the most annoying; Celebrity Deaths. Look, I’ve got no problem with fans wanting to say kind words about the person; share thoughts, share their R.I.P comments, but when you get (almost 95% of the fanbase) posting things that just sound pathetic like: “I knew him/her on a personal level, I’m going to miss him/her as they meant the world to me. More than my family and friends.” Okay, get real, firstly- you could never be friends with someone you don’t know. Secondly, you can’t say things like that when even you know it’s not true.

People like this need to stop pretending they are more special than the average living humans. Most of us have to deal with Death (All of us do), there may be just a 1% minority of people who don’t suffer it with anyone as they keep to themselves (away from relationships, and they wouldn’t remember what Death is like due to them being younger and not understanding it). Now, when one of our family relatives dies- we mourn, we are upset and deeply emotional due to losing someone we love. You’ll have your friends or family (or both) turning up to support you. Social media gives you all the freedom to type “RIP, I’m going to miss you” and “I can’t believe that life has taken an innocent soul that didn’t deserve this”- this is fine until it gets to a point where you have outsiders who don’t know your family. They say things like: “Sorry for your loss”, “I know what it’s like to lose someone”.

This is all very personal to the person who is suffering, the family, the friends, the people who cared and were actually realistically close and connected with the individual. As you can see it’s more understandable for things like “I knew this person on a personal level” as it’s the truth. With so-called “famous” people and I say that bluntly because from what I can tell, it’s always just been another way to divide us all. You’ll see things like “they got all this fame from being talented”, some of that is true for some people. But for others they got what they wanted because they are spoiled in life. They will never suffer or understand pain from the perspective of an average person who is poor or mid-poor. The Rich will always try to make us feel sorry for them when it comes to funerals or the loss of a family relative. But there will always be this divide between us all.

I digress, so to put an end to this blog topic; I want to discuss the situation at hand where you have comments like those mentioned above. Firstly, just because you have lost someone does not MEAN you know what it feels like to lose someone. No, it’s different for everyone- some people don’t even show emotion, and others may not show a care in the world. It all comes down to the person and the way they are. We are all different, so stop trying to act like we are all the same. We are not, get your Lion KIng 2 out of here! Finally, I just think we need to stop the divide but we all know it will never happen. So, I’ll just be the one of many writing a Blog post of my thoughts on the world’s issues. Overall, it’s Life and it can’t get any better from here on out!

Thanks for reading,

– L


The Silent Ritual (CreepyPasta)

Kicking off [2016] with a CreepyPasta that I have written. This is Credited to: Rockyz2011, that is actually another name that I use.


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The Silent Ritual

Welcome to what many would refer to as ‘The Silent Ritual,’ it’s more known for other names. However, no matter what you call this, you will always find a reason to then remember it as The Silent Ritual. Before you even think about attempting this, please consider your choices that are given to you. Please take note that if anything is to go wrong during the ritual, you may not find yourself awakening in the same reality you’re used to.

(What You Will Require)

Night-Sky (Please only try this Ritual at Midnight)

Slender-like Body – It’s okay, if you don’t have a slender-like body, thin or whatever, make sure that you have a friend / family / cousin who could help you with this. As long as you have another person with you, you too could then be accepted into this ritual.

Candle – I recommend that you use a very dim candle, little light means better experience. Also consider using a match if you do not have a Candle anywhere near you.

Switchblade – We only recommend this to those who believe that pain is nothing. If you wish to skip this, you can but you may need to find something to replace it. As long as the blade is silver, you are fine, but also consider using shards of something. Glass? Maybe.

Soda – This is not for you; this is for the acceptance of whether the silence around you wants you to drink. If your mind starts to feel uneasy, take a quick sip from the Soda. If you feel too nervous, and wish to skip the blade part… then please stab the Soda (no, this is not to make you look stupid, this is to get a better taste of what you can’t see)

Silk – You will need this, whether it’s silk taken from a Spider, or silk you have found around the house. Then, use it, we do also recommend using string if Silk is not your ideal choice.

Wooden Chair – This has to be an old wooden chair in order to bring them to you. The silence around you will not accept any old chair, they prefer old, broken, and dusty.

Now that you have found yourself all these requirements. I’m going to recommend that you follow these steps exactly as provided. If you wish to skip any, you may fail the ritual. If you wish to go against any rules, you may fail the ritual. We will now see if you are capable of following instructions given to you.

(1) Find yourself an empty room, you can use any room, even if that room is not yours. I recommend you use one of your rooms as using somebody else’s could bring them Hell.

(2) Place the (Broken / Old) Wooden Chair in your chosen room. Make sure that it is dead in the centre, and if you can’t follow that instruction, try to place the chair at an angle.

(3) Make sure that all the lights are turned off in the household, if you do not follow this instruction, you will not feel any experience. You will not feel anything at all.

(4) Light your candle (if you can’t see the candle, then, maybe you should try again outside)

(5) Place the candle / match in rather (A) your hand (B) on the floor. We do not recommend placing the match on the floor, as you might just end up burning all the silence in the house.

(6) Make sure that the candle is sitting at an angle too, if you have a match: hold it out away from your face and tilt it to the side. The flame should continue to flow unless something goes wrong, like I said before, if something is to go wrong during these instructions. You could be failing the ritual, and if nothing happens throughout this experience, it means you failed somewhere along the way.

(7) If you have any windows (you should have windows) unless the room you have chosen is some kind of Asylum, or something. Anyway, make sure that you open (A) Window or (B) Leave the door open, you can also just open up a trapdoor or anything that will allow another person / creature / ??? to enter your room.

(8) If you are already in fear, and your mind is playing tricks on you. I’m sorry, but this could be a real nightmare for you, I do not recommend you go further if your mind is already having problems. If you find yourself starting to hallucinate a little, STOP before you push yourself too far. The only memory you will have in this room is having that door / window / trapdoor open. That ‘‘someone is watching me’’ is going to be with you for the rest of the night.

(9) You must now wait several minutes until you feel relaxed. You must make yourself feel sleepy, a little relaxed, and your mind at ease. If you can’t sit still, stop right now. If you can’t help but feel the need to leave the room, stop right now. If you feel the need to escape due to claustrophobia, you must stop right now. The reason we warn you is because we do care about your safety. You are Mad for even wanting to attempt this ritual, friends will tell you that. If not, then you might have to warn them about this ritual.

(10) Okay, I assume you already have a Phone on you, Smartphone, IPhone, any kind of phone that can contact others. We now wish for you to place the device in your room, place it right near the candle. Hold it near the match, now close your eyes and wait several minutes. You might just hear something, it will be (A) the flame (B) hallucinations kicking in (C) the sound of your door creaking, the sound of your window slamming off the wall. Don’t worry, don’t panic, you’re following these instructions perfectly.

If you have not heard anything for up to five minutes. We recommend you stop this ritual, why? It’s possible that you may have (A) failed the ritual, (B) skipped one of the many steps (C) Not followed the instructions properly (D) The silence does not wish to accept you.

The Silence is actually just a name for it, the real name goes by: ‘Phantoms’ – or even Spirits. The silence is what you hear when you are in a room alone. Dead silent is what we like to call this. The Silence may spark a few memories back to a TV Show, but don’t lose yourself just yet. It may help calling this ritual something else, The Silent Ritual is just the name we offered you.


(11) If you have heard any sounds for those five minutes that are now gone. You (A) wasted five minutes of your life. (B) succeeded with the ritual’s instruction (10) Congratulations. Continue as follows: place your hand over the candle, over the flame. Do not hold it there for too long, as long as you feel warmth, and you feel a slight burn (possible) then you might just have confirmed that you are not dreaming. You have also confirmed that your body isn’t shutdown. I forgot to warn you that your body could shutdown, fall into a deep sleep (it all depends on the amount of energy in the room)

(12) Confirmed. Now you must face a wall, stare at a wall or the open door, or the open window, or even the open trapdoor. If the door has closed: (stop the ritual) if the window has closed (stop the ritual) if the trapdoor has closed (stop the ritual) We do not wish to have you trapped in the room without the sense of an escape route. True, you could just open the door, but not even we know what this ritual is capable of doing to you.

(13) Several tests have shown that doors closing in this ritual bring the subject to feel sadness. If the window is closed, sometimes people feel the need to find air. We understand that you might panic, but don’t worry, it’s always best to stop the ritual if it becomes too much for you. We do not aim on harming any of you, we only aim to share this ritual with you. There will always be a different experience for every single subject.

(14) It’s time to bring in the real subject. Did you really think you were alone? Nope, if you have left your door open (it’s a very rare chance depending where you live) that nobody / nothing is going to enter your room. If your window is open, it’s more likely that something will enter your room. If your trapdoor is open, it’s very likely that something is going to step into your room. Think of your room as a barrier, a secret dome-like shape if you will.

(15) The creature entering your room is going to be (A) an arachnid (B) a moth (C) any other insect / creature. If it is (A) blow out the candle, arachnids prefer darkness, and if you wish for your subject to stay and continue the ritual, we strongly recommend you keep that arachnid in the room with you. If it tries to run somewhere else, you must stop it, and if that arachnid touches you. (Stop the ritual) The arachnid touching you is not a good sign, it could also scare the HELL out of you. Since, well, you might not even notice it.

If it is (B) that has entered the room, keep the candle lit, keep that match lit. Moths love light, and they are attracted to this light. When you have an opportunity to have this in your dark room, we strongly recommend you close the window / door / trapdoor. This will seal the moth inside your room.

If it is ( C ) any other creature is not good, it’s possible that a Fly has entered your room. Another creature too common would be anything that loves Midnight. We recommend that you continue the ritual if another creature has entered your room.

If you find your room being full of insects, you must stop the ritual at once. If you find yourself being overwhelmed by any insect in your room, stop the ritual. If your mind is still at ease, and you haven’t lost focus on that wall (that’s right, make sure you remain focused) then you are doing good. Congratulations, you have passed the next step.

(16) The Arachnid in the room is going to run away from you, make a web inside your house. It could even attempt to climb over you, and if this happens, I recommend that you leave the creature to do what it likes. You cannot kill or harm this creature, if you have a fear of arachnids, then you must rather (A) stop the ritual (B) continue but try not to scream. Remember, we are trying to keep the silence in the room. – Skip to Step (19)

(17) A Moth is always going to annoy you, it’s a well-known fact that moths can’t resist a light source. It’s a common scenario for a moth to keep flying near your face, or even trying to land on your clothes. Okay, don’t worry, if it becomes too annoying, you can’t continue. You must remain focused, relaxed, and not feel any aggression or even anger. Stop the ritual if your mind can’t take it much more. Skip to Step (19)

(18) Any other creature is a sign that you the subject is not inclined to continue the ritual. Don’t be put off by this, the creature is also a sign of making you want to quit. Forfeiting this ritual by your own choice is fine, but only when you are given that option. If you have not been given any option to stop the ritual, and you have continued, you are bringing yourself to a different experience. Which is good, but like we said, we don’t know all experiences that this ritual is capable of giving to any given subject.

(19) It’s now time to blow out your candle’s light, and if you are holding a match, blow it out. We find that the match goes out more often than the candle. We have had reports from subjects saying that the match goes out, and they feel chills going up their spines. This is rather (A) Fear of being the dark (B) Losing your mind to darkness (C) Afraid of something. Don’t worry, if you begin to panic, and you really feel the need to escape that room. It’s TOO LATE, I’m sorry, but you have been given many ways out, many escape choices. The fear is only going to continue throughout the next steps.

(20) If you even think about escaping your room, you are going to find yourself hallucinating, trying to find all the light switches. If you are alone in this house, you are going to find yourself losing your mind quicker than others who have family over downstairs. We have not tried this ritual with anyone in the house before, so again, the experience is all down to your scenarios.

(21) – The arachnid has left your room – Stop the ritual. This is your ‘get out of there’ card. It’s your final option for escaping. This is not based on you; this is based on your creature’s decision. – The moth has gone back outside (you failed the ritual) – The moth has left your room (This is a warning, and telling you that you must now skip to Step (30) – Your other creature / insect has left your room. (You have not failed the ritual) If your other creature has left the room, you may now find another way to bring the Arachnid into your home. Open your window / door / trapdoor, and await the arachnid or the moth. If nothing comes into your room over (10-15 Minutes) you must stop the ritual.

(22) You are now going to find yourself feeling rather (A) relaxed, or (B) in panic – If (A) is how you feel, continue the ritual, but make sure that you are focusing on that wall. (B) is now going to make you feel more fear. You cannot leave the ritual, sorry. Try to focus on the wall. If you can’t focus on the wall, focus on the door / window / trapdoor that was open before. This will make you feel relaxed for knowing nothing can get into your room. But you may still feel afraid due to the ongoing feeling that something is already in your room.

(23) Close your eyes, remember the door / window / trapdoor that was open in your room. If you feel a chill go up your spine, or feel the hairs raising on your arms, open your eyes. If you feel relaxed, and can still cope with the fear of something in your room, keep your eyes closed. Only close your eyes when you have read all of this Step (23) – It’s obvious for why we ask you to read this step first before following the instructions.

(24) Now imagine a room, a chair, an insect, a door / window / trapdoor, and we also ask you to imagine someone (anyone) sitting in that chair, now take away the lights. This is vital for everything to go smoothly. If you can’t imagine any of this, we ask you to open your eyes.

Here is what you must follow:

(A) I imagined the room, the room I imagined looked exactly like the room I’m in. I also imagined the (Arachnid / Moth / other) in my room. The size of the creature was big, and the door was open.

(B) I imagined the room, the room I imagined looked nothing like the room I’m in. I also imagined the (Arachnid / Moth / other) in my room. The size of the creature was small, and the door was closed.

(C) I imagined the room, the room I imagined looked nothing like my room. I also imagined the (Arachnid / Moth / other) but it wasn’t in my room. The size of the creature was (no idea) and the door was open a fraction.

Okay, now that you know what you imagined. You must now open your eyes again, but we recommend that you follow your path through the steps as directed above. The ritual is near the end, and you have been given many choices throughout this experience provided to you by us, and the other subjects who have tested this to make sure it’s safe.

(A) So, you imagined all of that, that is considered common by most subjects. There is now the choice of whether you want to continue or not. You may not be able to cancel the ritual, but due to your imagination imagining all that, you can leave the ritual if the creature has left your room, or if the creature has stopped climbing on you or landing on you. Thank you for taking part in the ritual, and we are sorry if you failed this vital instruction.

(B) Your imagination is starting to become a little corrupted, I don’t think you should continue the ritual, we do not recommend anyone to continue the ritual if your imagination has already taken you down the strangeness route. You can continue the ritual if you like, but we strongly recommend you stop right now. In order to stop the ritual, wait for the creature to leave you alone. You may not help the creature leave you alone, you can not interfere. If the moth won’t leave the room, you may leave the room.

(C) You must continue the ritual; the fraction of the door is starting to balance well in your mind. We now know that your mind is at ease, but at the same time, you have doubts. But we assure you that these doubts will fade away as time goes on.

(Step 1) Yes, we have started new steps, the old ones were to get you this far. If you have gotten this far, we are starting to see your mind improving with the complications.

[1] Remove the candle / match.

[2] Collect the spider silk if your arachnid has actually made any. If not, then, you must remove the spider from your room. If it has left the room, that is also fine. If there is no spider silk, you may use string instead. If you don’t have string, you must close your eyes trying to imagine that string is around your wrists.

[3] If you have taken a shard of glass with you, or you have a knife that we recommended. We ask you to only follow through with this if you are 100% confident that your mind is at ease. And that you are relaxed, if you start to panic, this where things can go wrong.

[4] If you are shaking in fear, you must drop the knife immediately. If you are still imagining the string around your wrists, hold your wrists together but leave enough space for a knife to go between them. Make sure that you have imagined this correctly, if not, you are going to seriously find yourself in more than panic.

[5] No knife? Okay, we ask you to now close your eyes and imagine yourself holding a knife cutting the string from an arachnid who has tied itself up in silk. You are helping the creature in your mind, this is to show that you are thankful for it choosing your room. If you have a knife, you are still thanking the creature by performing the cutting motion.

– Imagine a moth if that is what has entered you room. Cut the wings off in your mind, do not actually harm the moth in your room.

– Imagine the creature. Cut the antennas / legs off the creature, do not actually harm the creature in your room.

(Cut between where you believe the string is tied, and if you have actual string) – We just recommend you imagine it being tied around your wrists too.

[6] Now that you have cut the connection between you and the creature. It is now time to feel the loneliness that will follow through. Subjects have shown us that having that little bit of hope cut from you is enough to make the subject go MAD. Now, we don’t recommend you going crazy in that room. But we do recommend you get out of the chair slowly.

[7] Once out of the chair, you must now flicker the light switch twice, and if you have done this too many times. You must reset the ritual, by doing this, you must also wait for another creature to enter your room. If you wish not to reset, then you must leave the room exactly as you left it. If anything is out of place, your mind is going to lose its sanity.

[8] Close your eyes, imagine the room, imagine yourself in the room, feel for the light switch. Do not press it, if you press the light switch out of panic, or due to you feeling the need to. I’m afraid you have moved onto the second trial. The first trial remains if you do not press the light switch. It’s possible that the creature is now something physical in your mind. Subjects have shown that their minds imagined the creature cut free, but it still kept returning when they tried to imagine anything else.

IF you keep seeing the creature or something taking its place in your mind, you must stop the ritual. This means that breaking the connection earlier has failed. Stop the ritual.

IF you can’t imagine the creature anymore, good, this means you are free from the connection you once had. This is also confirming that you are alone both physically and mentally.

[9] Now you must feel for the door, open your eyes if you need to read the instructions. I can’t stress this enough, if not, you will be closing your eyes for way too long. Imagine that you have opened the door, (do not actually open the door in real life) and imagine walking through that door. What do you see on the other side?

– My house’s structure, all the rooms I know off-by-heart. [1]

– My family standing behind the door smiling [2]

– The creature waiting for me, a much more disturbing image. It looks like an insect but has human-like parts. It looks like a nightmarish being, and I’m scared of it. [3]

– The exact same room that I imagined from the start. [4]

– The room I’m in, I imagined the room I’m still inside. It’s like going from this room to the same room on the other side. [5]

– Darkness, I can’t see a thing. [6]

Final Steps:

[1] Stop the ritual, open your eyes, leave the room exactly how you left it. You may leave the room too, just do not move anything in that room until the night is over.

[2] This is common; all subjects have reported that ‘smiling’ people / family relatives are behind the door. If you imagined that, you may continue the final steps. Go to [2]

[3] Again, this is a sign that your connection to the creature is still intact. Subjects have shown that the connection is always strong due to them not wanting to give up their companion. It’s the only thing that has been keeping you in the real world, the only thing keeping you sane. We recommend that you destroy everything in the room that you needed for the ritual to begin. End the ritual.

[4] Continue to the final steps. This is almost exactly the same as [5] with a few differences no doubt.

[5] Ah, this sounds familiar, but don’t worry if it reminds you of PT. Silent Hill or whatever, that’s actually a real thing. You can dream about going into the same room several times. It works with your imagination too, if you imagined that you are going into the same room. It’s showing that you don’t want to leave the room, as you keep going through it like some kind of nightmare. Continue the final steps.

[6] You have been blinded by what you can’t see. This is telling you that your mind can’t accept the fake reality, can’t break away from reality you’re used to. The real world is still connected to you, and you must now continue the final steps in order to end this.


[2] Open your eyes, and you will now see parts of what you imagined. It’s possible that don’t see anything different in the room, not even a slight change? Nothing moved? No? It’s also possible that the room has remained the same, but the outside is now full of differences. Do Not Leave the Room.

[4] You are now going to start seeing things that aren’t there. Both in your mind, and in the room you are inside. It is now possible that you have lost yourself completely in what is known as (dream-world) and (reality-world) also known as (fake-world) but don’t try to understand all this just yet. Put your mind at ease, sit back in the chair and relax. If you can’t hear anything, this means that you are in complete silence. Dead Silent is now in your room.

Dead Silent – All subjects have been told this name, and haven’t been told what it looks like. Your mind will answer that to you, and if it is someone you know, don’t panic, don’t worry. If it looks like something from Nightmares, it’s okay, you are going to be fine. If you see it as nothing, that’s the perfect picture. You have believed us, as we too didn’t say anything about appearance.

There have been subjects who haven’t moved out of the chair due to fear. This means that they spent a whole sleepless night in that chair. If you too can’t sleep, we recommend you stay wake in that room of darkness, and keep your eyes wide open.

There have been subjects who have just walked out of the room, saying that they felt the need to. Some even went as far as saying that they were told to leave the room. We asked them how many times they were told to leave the room, and they say ‘once.’ Some others said that they were told to many times, and not too many have reported that there is now a voice in their head. And they believe that it’s the connection reforming between you and this entity that you have created alone.

We apologize if you have found yourself connected again, but it’s also starting to make sense to us. When we tried this ritual, we tested it several times, and only one of us got the experience of being told to jump out the window. She told me that there was just this voice in her head, and it wouldn’t leave her alone. She told me that the form of the voice didn’t have a form, it didn’t have a figure. She couldn’t describe it. She left the room, and now I have no idea where she has gone.

If you are not sitting in that chair, you may as well go outside and explore this new reality. I can’t tell you what you will find, but I can only tell you that I haven’t left my room since writing this . . .


(2014) Ah… The Year Of Stupidity (Rant / Review / Bloggers Unite!)

(2014) The Age Of Stupidity (2014 Viral Video Themes)

Ah… 2014 really had us laughing at bad songs, mocking those singers who believe they have talents beyond us. Well, it certainly was no normal year for the videos going viral, either. Before I even go into detail about why “2014 was a painful year to go through,” I’m going to start with the basics:

I’m sure there is no other year where a Disney Song has gone above Hit Chart Singles and Radio Charts Top Lists. Well, Disney proved us all wrong, showing us that “2014 can be a painful year, for adults and children!” And how did they make 2014 a good year / bad year ? Simple. They made FROZEN, and this Movie – (we can all agree it wasn’t that bad, the songs were memorable and you just wanted to hear it once, or maybe just listen to it in your car or on a radio.) Ha-ha, Disney just made this Movie become popular! Fans of the franchise soon flooded in comments, tweets, and then the god-awful parodies that appeared out of nowhere! Now, look, I can accept a Movie for a Movie but when a Movie becomes the most-talked about thing of 2014, I think I’m going to be sick and just laugh at how bad Music has gotten lately. Seriously, many of the songs from the movie: “Do you want to build a Snowman?” – “Let It Go,” being the most painful song to listen to over and over again. It soon became overwhelming rather than underwhelming, and just destroyed our listening tubes (ears) for the sake of another fan of the franchise to be pleased with the Movie hitting an all-time-high! And soon becoming a Timeless Classic? Wow. Just how bad are the fans?

Now, I may have just blogged / ranted about FROZEN being the worst trope, the worst viral videos to hit the Internet. Not true. I actually still have respect for the fans and the songs, since they are memorable but I just wish that it never got so much attention, enough to make our ears bleed. Moving on, we were soon greeted with another abomination to change the way we live in the world: “But first… let me take a Selfie!” Oh, you have just destroyed my ears! Now, now, I’m not going to give any of this pathetic-ness? No. No. No. I’m not going to give this any shares, I’m not sharing this song with the world. Why? Because the world chose to share it anyways… thanks world, ah, what a cruel world we live in. SELFIE may just be a song to you guys and girls, but if you remember anything so more annoying to hit the Music Charts, I’d have to go and say why the hell was this made?! It ruined social-awkwardness with “hey, let me take a selfie.” And it also managed to get men and women wanting to snap photos of each pose they made daily. And this soon erupted into removing the word: “Photo” or as it’s media term for something that truly should not be named a “SELFIE,” it should be named: “Close-Up Shot,” because that’s all it really is. Except the “puckered lips” part, I guess that’s what made a SELFIE so original… and sadly, celebrities were puckering their lips before this even started to become a Viral abomination on the Internet and in our lives. So, how long do you think the word “SELFIE” will be used until it dies? I doubt it will die at this rate. (2015) is only proving to be the SELFIE YEAR! Like, wherever you go, you will see others holding a camera or a phone away from them and then just smiling or just squishing their lips together. Just think of the dumbest poses you can think of for this abomination to die peacefully.

So, I’ve taken down TWO issues with the Viral Videos of 2014. However, I will not let any others fly by in peace. No way! Have you seen how much crap (2014) made for the world and the internet alike? Well, it ruined our ears, ruined our social-lives (for some and many) and then it like to destroy Culture as we know it. It changed the way we think about others, and made women look more like objects (thanks to bad rappers and other stupid songs that were never going to live to see the light of 2015 or another year to take over) – I only dread what 2015 could bring us, but I think we’ve already seen (2015) giving birth to something that would be considered: “WRONG, unusual, dirty, disgusting, pathetic, SAD, and over-all stupid.” Now, I know that you know this: (2014) December created a Viral Theme that should never have passed through the Year (2014) why did it carry on? Because, some people are so sad and stupid (it’s true, okay? Ask those that can’t stand stupidity) – I know, maybe they aren’t stupid, maybe it’s just that half the world are the next generation who want to make this generation a generation to remember! Either way, you still get this crap:

TOUCH THE BODY – CHALLENGE (Ha-ha, now I can see where these challenges need to go) They rather need to be REMOVED or added on the channel: Challenge +1 or maybe just Challenge TV in general. This has made Adults, some Teens, children responding to one of the most strangest challenges ever to be put on the Internet since (2013) – I got that information off several sources who ranted about this problem and how this CHALLENGE-YEAR can become so dreadful and most likely change the way we look at others. By that, I mean, we will all be seeing each Gender as a Joke or just an Object. Don’t believe me? Well, you will soon see that those that ranted were the right ones indeed. Those of you who don’t know anything about this challenge, well, it’s understandable. But if you are a Parent, (I’m not) and many rants that went to surface are created by Teens alike, and some are Parents angry at the internet)  you could find that your Teenage Son, or, Teenage Daughter or maybe just children in general are soon going to be wanting to rather: Watch this crap or even Perform It and put it on YouTube or the Internet in general.

This CHALLENGE goes like this: “Boy and Girl” – “Man and Woman” – “Man and Lady” – whatever combination, it can still happen. So yeah. Here is how it works: They take turns wearing a blind-fold and the one without the BLIND-FOLD controls the others’ hand or holds it and moves it to where SHE or HE wants to put HER or HIS hand. Now, if you’ve watched the videos, it begins like so: “Hand touches under armpit” – “Finger touches leg” (no problem with that, right?) But then at the end of December (2014) the archive of crap was revealed. A famous Youtuber, who I won’t name for the sake of this Blog. Well, he thought it would be a great idea to make a video on YouTube (a challenge video) same-old-same-old: and then place her finger down his pants and then she did the same, and it became like a dirty movie for those that wanted to see nudism or even dirty explicit videos that were not given WARNINGS to those that did not wish to see that on a Video. So, yeah, you can see why many Parents and Teens and More! Are all wanting to REMOVE this Challenge or even put an end to it. The sad reality is this: It won’t die, and it won’t only get more stupider (the times where I wish “stupider” wasn’t a word!) And this just makes you all feel that this Challenge can’t get any worse: Want a bet? I’ll bet you now that sometime in (2015) we will be greeted with a more dirtier challenge than this one. It’s not that the  Challenge was a bad idea, it wasn’t to begin with. It was a fresh-new Viral trend that should never have gone Viral in the first place. So, this is the latest Trend. If you are still doing “SELFIES” or even doing some other crappy Trend that ended or started last year (2014) you need to catch up and do what everyone else is doing: We live in a World where a Trend on the Internet can become the most popular thing in the World. No, in existence, like the amount of people that love this are just spreading their love to you and those that don’t want it. So, if anything changes: I feel that we will see more stupidity and more dumb stunts (not bad ones) and possibly more Challenge videos that rely on Dirty-ness (Wow, these words are pathetic) to make you rather want to scream or shout. (And don’t get me started on that song, either!)

– This Blog / Rant was posted by Anonymous

– This was written by Rockyz but also mixed with several other fellow Bloggers who wrote their thoughts of (2014) Internet Trends.

Thanks for the support guys and girls!

– (2014) sounds bad and all, but (2015) can rather pick-up from there or become something GREAT to look forward to… Eh (No, won’t happen)

Lately… Books & Movies!

Been seriously addicted to Lord Of The Rings & Peter Jackson’s work. The Hobbit also comes to mind. I’ve read the books over and over again, and some reason I’m still craving for more Fantasy stories.

So has anyone got any recommendations? 🙂

Discovering the Shocking Truth Of Santa (BLOG/Explained) [IS IT A LIE?!]

Santa Claus, (A true friend) to children and a hassle for (Parents) & (Adults) Not all children and Not all Adults.

So why do us as Humans and (Parents) of children, lie to the sweet little faces that you’ve loved for years and years. A parent doing right for their children is perfect (in some eyes) and in others: (It’s not the full attention a child needs.) Santa Claus is a character that you tell your kids about and of course the Press/TV & Family Movies, so even if you didn’t tell your children about Santa Claus… They’d find out, whether the child will be curious is beyond you, and you do your best to make this little fantasy believable. Asking your relatives to lie to your children. (Funny thing is, the lies aren’t cruel…) It sounds it, and probably will feel like it once the truth is discovered.

What really makes Christmas special for young children and Juniors is the fact that a fat man (sorry for the description.) In a red and white suit with black boots and a special kind of hat. (Santa Hat) who will deliver presents while you sleep. “He knows when your awake, and he knows when your asleep.” If that’s how it goes… Thinking of the fantasy character as a child would make you happy, and for some a little scared. (A complete stranger who has good tales for him to back him up.) As your child grows up, they still hang onto the fact that Santa is real. (Whilst you already know that he is not.) Some parents believe it or not and even children can’t stand watching their child have all the fun believing in Santa Claus. (Due to them once being a child, you feel the need to ruin their parade.) And no matter what, a child can’t hold on to this belief forever… (Because eventually they will be able to think for themselves.) 

Santa Claus however is like a Myth, and since Creepy Pastas begun > There has been a lot more of a bigger fan-base participating in these Myths, reading them, sharing them and of course writing them. So… Creating a Myth is for fun? Well it can be, although you need to write it in a way that grabs the readers attention and actually has some kind of facts or something that sounds believable. (Or you could have the Yes or No Myths.) 

Santa Claus will always be with us though right? (We haven’t forgotten him, just because we don’t believe him doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist…) If you go to Shops or Malls… (Yes…) You’ll find Santa Claus (maybe not the actual Santa Claus.) Yet the person in the suit makes the outfit. In this case the person under all that warmth is probably so happy to see children’s faces full of glee. The reason why most people like to dress up as Santa is because (He has become a World of remembrance, in his own reality (Fantasy) he exists.) And sometimes even when we don’t believe in him, some how we find ways to believe in him. 

So yes the Lie is harsh, yet without knowing who or what Santa Claus is, would he even exist? 

What I’m saying is, imagine some children growing up not knowing about Santa Claus.

And then they’ll just live their life without knowing or even thinking about Santa Claus (Maybe…)

>> So, what do you guys think? Is this Lie a killer? Is this lie hurtful to children? <<

Or do you think that Christmas is full of Joy and children need something to hold on to besides their parents.

Some children look up to Santa Claus. ❤ – Happy Xmas 2013 –

Back for this week! – How is everyone?!

GTA V – Just got it and it’s not a bad game. I love Beyond Two Souls though, it is amazingly good. Although A Wolf Among Us is even better 😀

League Of Legends, Now a Sport in USA? – *Thoughts*

League Of Legends, Now a Sport in USA

This news has already startled me, I’ve had numerous comments from this too, people have said “What is this world coming to”, and here is the truth and the facts. The world isn’t coming to anything, It’s only happening in USA, thanks to the US government. So what do I have to say to comments that talk about the world, it’s not the freaking world, It’s the country… the US government have made this a sport, and many LoL players enjoy this new sport. What is this?!

For those of you who maybe worried about this actually happening, well it’s too late. It’s happened, and this sport requires no physical strength, it requires time after time sitting down for god knows how long, rotting your brain away and more… not to say that those of you who do play League of legends suffer from this, the main problem is that this becoming a sport is unhealthy. It’s my opinion, and anyone else can agree or disagree, and you can keep your opinion on your blog or to yourself, I’m speaking for those of you who haven’t had much thought on this situation.

Since I’m in Europe, and play only on the EU West Server, it may not be a problem. However, if this becomes a worldwide sport, what has this world come to? – And we can still blame the world? Nope, it’s the US Government for taking on such a sport, and can even be your governments too. I know this sounds as if I’m sending hate mail to the US government but I’m not. I am just saying what I believe in, and giving my opinion straight up with no warning whatsoever. It’s stupid…

Thanks for reading and I hope you understand why I’ve wrote something about this as a small article. I hope to hear your opinions on this too, and can’t wait to read more.

–          Rockyz –


Something that I had finally bought, WORTH IT!

> Game Development Has Begun! < Bug Bunny: Lost In Time Fan Game!

Hello everyone and fans, oh and all you gamers out there!

Today me and my small development team have started work on a project that we hope will inspire children today. What we mean by this is, we would love to bring back all those child hood memories from the 90’s and up, we want to shine the light of that nostalgia on children today. Why? – Because it kills me when we hear that children today don’t know about all those great games that we got to experience back in our child hood.

With this new release, we hope that everybody who are fans of Bugs Bunny: Lost In Time, we hope that you join our fan base, so we can prepare you all for a great game that will soon reach Alpha release. 

If anybody is interested in this exciting news and want to follow up on the game’s progress. You will need Access permission to join us on the forums; don’t worry it’s free.

Just send an email to this address, asking for Access Permission, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note, that we are busy working on the game too, so you need to respect the waiting times to get accepted. Which in our estimates has added up to 6-12 hours, we hope to see some new faces and build a great community (:

Contact Us @:

And you need to contact that email to get given your code.


What are you looking forward to for 2013 Gaming? :D

Since E3 2013 has hit us, it’s time to talk about games 😀

Question: Read the title :3